Bay Dermatology Centre offers a full range of cosmetic procedures. Referral from another doctor is not necessary to see a dermatologist at the centre for more information on one of our services.


At the Bay Dermatology Centre, we use the state of the art laser systems. All laser procedures are performed by our Laser Nurse Technician.


The Bay Dermatology Centre is first and foremost a medical dermatology clinic. We do offer several aesthetic services, however, which can aid prescribed medical therapies for various skin diseases and photo-damaged skin..


The Bay Dermatology Centre is foremost a Medical referral clinic. Referral for all skin, hair, nail and mucosa disease requires a referral from another doctor.

Got a rash from your belt buckle or ring?
You could have contact dermatitis.

It could come from the metal on the back of your watch face, or your belt buckle's tendency to brush against the skin on your stomach.
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FDA Advisory Panel Backs Approval Of Psoriasis Treatment
Reuters (10/21) reports the new medicine, if approved, could become the first approved medicine to block a protein called IL-17, a substance that plays a role in inflammation.
A New Attack on Antibiotic Resistance
The Obama administration announced a plan to help reduce the overuse of antibiotics, but there are many details still to be filled in.
Wait Times at Bay Dermatology Centre
You book your appointment weeks, sometimes months in advance. You plan your day around your visit with us, defending the spot in your schedule because you care about your health. Our time together is important to you. You scramble to get to our office on time. Some of you travel great distances. But finally, you get here… and you wait. What are you waiting for? You wouldn’t make your own clients or loved ones wait as long as you sometimes do here. So why are we making you wait after everything you have done to get here on time?


Parameters: 100 μm ablation, 11% density, 2 passes More